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Treasure hunt

One of the fairy tales in connection with Klevevž Castle  says that a treasure was buried deep in the ground where the cold store was. Even Janez Volčič, in his work Zgodovina Šmarješka fara pri Novem mesto, mentions three tubs of money, which are said to be still waiting at the end of the cave, in the underground cave under the castle. Namely, the Turks attacked the Kleve Castle several times, as a result of which the nearby residents took their valuables to the underground cave under the castle. They were killed or taken into slavery by their enemies, so their possessions remained hidden. It is said that it is still waiting at the end of the cave, but where no one dares to go. An elderly man who climbed deep into the cave tried to reach them. The cave narrowed so much that in the end he had to crawl on his stomach, his light also went out. Suddenly, the cave widened into a spacious hall full of bats, where the man felt the stone benches. It seemed to him that someone sighed three times, he was afraid and ran away from the cave (Volčič, 1887, pp. 62-63, Klevevž, Biser naravre zi rich history).

Instructions to the treasure

Do you now believe that you can find the Klevev treasure?

See for yourself!

All you have to do is follow five clues. You find the points from the pictures and solve the questions. If you were successful, the Klevev treasure is waiting for you in the reception facility!

IMG_3616 (002).jpg

Tip 1

Already in Valvasor's time, the castle park was beautifully landscaped, equipped with a sunshade in the middle of a well-kept garden, surrounded by many exotics, of which today only one reminds us of the excellence of the former garden at Klevevž Castle. Find the Sophora Japonica tree. 


Tip 2

Once upon a time, Klevevž Castle stood on a gigantic hollow rock. It was erected in 1265 by the bishops of Freising and served many owners until 1942, when it was burned down. The castle was called Klingenfels in German, which translates into Slovenian as sounding rock, because the water sounded in the gorge below the castle. What is the name of the stream that flows through the gorge below the Castle?


Tip 3

Find the castle mill! The path past it leads you to refreshment.


Tip 4

Whether you bathe or not, the question for you is how many degrees is the water in the Klevevška spa?


Tip 5

When you return to the starting point of the quest, do not give up, look towards the small wooden house with goodies. Say you're looking for the Klevev treasure!  You might hear:

You have discovered a treasure. KLEVEVŽ.

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